Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top 5 Literary Events in NYC

Are you on your way to New York City? Are you looking for a good show? Do you live in NYC and you're wondering what kind of literary events are hosted in here? You are in luck. NYC is filled with literary events once a month that are both entertaining, cutting edge, and educational for adults! Here is a list of 5 of my favorite events that usually happen once a month.

#1 The Happy Ending Reading Series hosted by Amanda Stern. This is a monthly event held at Joe's Pub featuring authors of all types and genres. The authors read pieces of their original work and then take some sort of "public risk" on stage. There is a musical guest. The artist must try to sing a cover song and get the entire audience to sing along. Amanda, your host, sets the stage and tone with humor. The talent she recruits is truly incredible. If you are in NYC at the start of the month- see if her show is playing that night and come check it out! You will leave with a new set of books to read.

#2 Nerd Nite is hosted by Matt Wasowski. This monthly event is held at Galapagos in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This evening features three speakers who give a little lecture (usually with a PowerPoint presentation) about a topic or issue in which they hold some expertise. The presentations can be anything from a PHD thesis (understanding how paint dries) to helping save endangered species of weeds in Staten Island (this presentation was given by the woman in charge of wildflower week in NYC). It is a great event to learn about a topic that you may never really explore on your own. You'll leave smarter than you came.

#3 The Moth is hosted by many different people, Dan Kennedy, Sara Barron and more. This event is held throughout NYC. They also host The Moth in other cities like, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. You can submit your name and if it is called you have 10 minutes to tell your story- no notes, no texts, only your memory. The audience then scores you. Yes, by the end of the evening there is a winner. This event definitely resembles a poetry slam. Very fun. Very literary. You may even be persuaded to tell your own story.

#4 The Rejection Show is a hilarious show, hosted by Jon Friedman. Each artist gets up for 10 minutes and talks about/ performs something about a personal experience with rejection. It is also a monthly event at the UCB Theater in Chelsea.

#5 Bowery Poetry Club has weekly and monthly events on their calendar. It is a great place where poets hang out and listen and read to each other.

Need an interesting, intellectual evening out? Head to one of these events!
In your city, what literary events do you have?
What monthly/weekly events/shows are in your two? Please post here!

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