Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When on the West Coast, Head North of Seattle

When you come to Seattle, why not travel north. Head up towards Mount Vernon and discover the beauty of small town living! You can drive north to Vancouver, Canada. Be sure to take scenic Chuckanut drive on the way up.

Before you go, eat brunch in Bow, at Rhododendron Cafe or in Edison at the Edison Cafe, the hometown of Edward Murrow. On your way out of town, grab some Tweets for the journey north.

You will pass Bellingham WA, a cute college town. When you are in Vancouver, visit Granville Island and Stanley Park.

On your way back down south, explore Deception Pass - a beautiful bridge, park with trails and beach to visit. Anacortes is a cute little town. Take a stroll and then head over to the ferries. The ferries take you out to: The San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island.

Another great little town is LaConnor. If you want to have dinner, try the bistro Seeds or have lunch at The Calico Cupboard. There is a great independent bookstore in town, The Next Chapter! No worries, they have coffee and WiFi.

As you drive around the Mount Vernon area, there are fields of fruits, tulips and pumpkin patches. In the springtime, enjoy the Tulip Festivals. As you drive up and down the roads, you'll see farms with cows, horses, llamas, and buffalo. In the winter time, the Trumpeter Swans fly down from Canada for warmer weather. Ever wonder why they are called Trumpeters? Yes it is because they sound like trumpets!

Mount Vernon has some antique shops and a co-op. There are many local artists living in the area. Some make beautiful organic toys and clothes for kids like Kristin Loffer Theiss. Check out her products on Etsy. Etsy features other artists selling their handmade things online. Take one of her pieces home as a souvenir.

For dinner you have a few options. Try the Porterhouse. Great locally brewed beer and bar food. There is a Thai place just next door, another dinner option!

Enjoy yourself in the Northwest. If you get a chance, head north and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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