Sunday, January 10, 2010

Next Stop: Montreal! Take a Food Tour

I just got back from an amazing vacation to Montreal. Montreal is a charming place to visit in the summer or winter! There are many parks, museums, and wonderful places to eat! If you have a week or even a weekend- you can take yourself around this city and literally eat the world!

My favorite neighborhood to visit in Montreal is the Plateau! Below you find a detailed food tour of a "mock long weekend" of culinary places to visit!

#1 If you drive/fly into Montreal on Friday night, you may need a place to chill out and have a drink along with some delicious food- Laika is your joint! Each day Laika has a new menu, "menu du jour", which has three to four main dishes the chef creates! There is a disco ball and a little turntable in the corner spinning music. The place is filled with young Canadian Hipsters- often during the days with their laptops and backgammon boards. Check out their website and menu.

#2 Saturday morning you may decide to wake up late and have a delicious brunch. Resevoir is one of my favorite spots. They too, each day, have a new menu written up on their chalkboard. Brunch fills up quickly there, so don't wait around too long. It resides on one of Montreal's most charming streets- Duluth, filled with shops, restaurants, and beautiful arichetecture. In the morning you can have "Thon rouge saisi, courgettes, padano et estragon"- That's right, get your French on! Resevoir is a cool place at night too- fish and chips and a homemade beer (they brew their own!) makes for a fun night here too. In the summer the roof is open!

Spend the day in the plateau, shop on St. Denis, St. Laurent, Mont Royal, Laurier, St. Viateur, Bernard. Great French book shops, furniture stores, galleries, clothes, shoes and jewlery to be had.

#3 Saturday night- you should definately check out- 786- Pakistani food in the neighborhood just north and west of the Plateau, Jean Talon. This resaturant is known for its reasonable prices, large portions, and friendliness to children and families! My family always gets an order of Dahl Mash (Lentils), Butter Chicken, Sarsoon Ka Saag, and a Lahori Fish. Yum yum delicous! I always leave super happy! Must be the chilis in the food! Get ready for super spicy!

#4 Sunday morning- head to Chinatown and get some Dim Sum! We frequent- Ruby Rouge- on the second floor of a mini mall! Huge ballroom space- they allow you brunch/lunch with leisure! This will get you close to the old city. It is a fun place to stroll- go iceskating in the winter and take a boat or bike ride in the summer!

#5 Sunday night- what about visiting the neighborrhood- NDG for some Korean! Hwang Kum. My sister and I have spent a great deal of time looking for some delicious- tofu soups and bool koki! Hwang Kum is one of our favorites. Super small, but super delicious.

#6 Monday Morning- you might feel like brunch- at Beauty's- a jewish delicious diner or you may decide to pick up a coffee and croissant at one of Mont Royal's many boulangeries. Another possible option is lunch at the famous Schwartz- always a line and always long- even in winter. The smoked meat and cole slaw are super yum! A true Jewish deli.

During the day, visit a museum, the botanical gardens or go to the Biodome! Great visits during the day to be had!

#7 Don't eat too much at lunch/brunch- save up for a delicious sushi meal for dinner! Tri Express is my favorite all time sushi place- so far in life. The chef/owner is a creative chef with sushi and has some special rolls and souces that he uses to make your mouth feel like its dancing! It is small, small and is just east of Marquette on Laurier. If you don't eat raw fish- there are great dishes cooked as well, a red snapper and black alaskan cod! If you get some rolls- get number 48- LE FAVORI DE TRI- either tuna or salmon or yellow tail. If you like pieces of sushi- definatley try the "ebi a la tri".

#8 Tuesday may be your last day and you still have so many choices- middle eastern at Rumi, The Outdoor Market in Jean Talon. I suppose I would be remiss if I didn't give you a taste of the Canadian/Quebecoise cuisine- a place to eat, "poutine"! Poutine is a dish consisting of french fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Maamm Bolduc certainly has some delicious choices of poutine to have and share amongst eachother.

There is much to be enjoyed here in Montreal- but this culinary tour of The Plateau will surely leave you filled to the rim with food and happiness! Please post your favorite places to brunch, chill, and eat in Montreal! Happy travels to you!

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