Monday, February 15, 2010

Upstate NY

February I've done some quick little trips:

Chappaqua- home of our former president and current secretary of state.

It is a small quaint town in Westchester county. Very woodsy with a little town to shop in and a few cute restaurants. Neighboring Mt Kisko as well has shops and movie theater and more eateries.

A lovely place to visit.
I also have been up to RocklandCounty a few times.
These little towns, nestled next to the Palisades and the river are often picturesque.
Nyack is a cute little town just north of NYC. As you ride the Palisades Highway north, you will hit Bear Mountain, just 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. This is a beautiful park and mountain area to visit!

Also, a nice little getaway weekend location.

Enjoy the short trips along with the longer ones!

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