Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ecquador and Peru

Several year ago, my friend Rachel moved to Ecuador. She invited me to come down and visit. She lured me with expectations of travel and exploration. A friend moves to a far away country I have never visited... I was there!

I flew into Quito and stayed at this little hotel, tucked into the mountain. All I really remember was that it was 2$ a night. I was a little light headed on my arrival- the altitude is quite high. It was chilly- even though it was the middle of summer and we were so very close to the equator.

We went to Santo Domingo where she was living and working with farming communities. Then we headed to Banos- volcanic hot springs. We went to Las Esmeraldas- a beach community in the north. We traveled to Otavalo- that had the best outdoor market.
Half way through my trip- my friend Rania and my other friends Andy and Sandra- were coincidentally flying to Cuzco to hike Machu Pichu. I decided that I would join them and bring us all together.

I flew to Lima- stayed with another friend who was born and raised in Lima. I toured around Lima for a couple of days. Then I flew to Cuzco. We took a couple of tours around the valley. As soon as we assimilated to the climate and altitude, we took the train to the entrance of the trail that would take us to Machu Pichu.

We hiked a couple days in the wonderful mountains to the cloud forest of Machu Pichu. I am afraid of heights- but my friends helped me along the Inca Trail. When we finally got there- after sleeping in the wilderness- it was early morning and the moon was rising above the ruins. We toured around the grassy ruins and finally hiked to the little town below the ruins.

We went the hot springs near by. We stayed one night and then headed back to Cuzco and Lima. Once I got back to Cuzco I threw out my disgusting hiking clothes and packed up to go back to Lima. We spent one evening out- and then I headed back to Quito.

South America is a beautiful place and easy one to travel by bus, train, and plane.

Buen Viaje.

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