Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Drive to Niswa

You should definitely want to rent a car in Oman. Driving in the countryside is pretty spectacular. Plus what is more fun than driving down a highway and have a herd of goats or camels (or both) stop you so that they can cross the street!? Not much. I know. It was quite a site!

The red rock, the rough edges in the mountains and the pointy sharp peaks, were magnificent to drive through.

On your way to Nizwa there are little towns along the route. Certainly in the area there are many towns to check out, like Bahla, the Green Mountain, and more. If you go in the spring time, supposedly there are endless trees and fruits blossoming which is another huge tourist attraction to this area. Even though we went in December, the Green Mountain, got a little snow. It made the news!

We went to the famous and amazing fort in Nizwa, twice. What a wonderful way to spend the day ad learn more bout the history and life in Oman. Then we walked around the souk.

We wanted to stay at the Falaj Daris Hotel. But it was full. Instead we ate there. We ended up staying at Al Diyar, a lovely place as well.

Remember to book ahead.

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