Monday, February 7, 2011


The last city we visited was Salalah. I have to say, we kind of decided to just chill out here- sea side. We had a fabulous place, staying with the Kumar's- just outside of town- at an enormous- fine white sanded beach. We felt like we had the run of the place! It was perfect to just relax. The food here- at the hotel was cooked by Mrs. Kumar. We also ate in the neighborhood- not very touristy- but had some serious curries!

On New Years, a local troupe, came to the hotel and played their African Drums and danced a typical "Bedouin Dance" while all the time singing in Arabic. The culture and ethnicity's in the south certainly are more diverse- for some Omanis speak Arabic, Swahili, and well as others.

It is worth visiting souk to get a sense of life and culture in Salalah- sip a tea at one of the tea kiosks.

You can bird watch in Salalah and even hang out with flamingos. You can drive by amazing red, brown, and white dramatic cliffs. You can retreat to your own private nook of a beach or wadi. There are amazing tours to the old tombs and palaces (Like the Queen of Sheba). All this could be yours in Salalah.

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