Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a Trip to Musact!

My trip to Oman was amazing! I will break it down in a few different posts!
It is worth spending time researching where Oman is and thinking about its very recent history.
Tourism is still young. Even the number of roads and accessibility to the country is quite young.

With all of this said, We spent a few days in Muscat, the capital. Oman used to be known as Muscat and Oman. Now it is just Oman. So, Muscat is a major part of the country. Things that struck me, the beautiful architecture, the blue/green sea, the organized infrastructure, the gigantic mosque, and the amazing Indian food!

We took a beautiful days walk down the corniche, the seaside board walk. We walk to the old city. There you can see the unique styled palace that looks out over the sea. All through Muttrah and the Old City are museums about history and art in Oman.
We also went to the souk. There they have the old silver, beautiful embroidered hats, which all the boys and men wear in Oman, and other souvenirs that you can buy.

We stayed at Al Falaj. A wonderful hotel set in Rumi, outside of Muttrah. It had a nice atmosphere, free breakfast and pool. We found it quite pleasant to stay there and gave us another look at life in Muscat, outside of the 'downtown'.

We spent each day in Muscat at the beach. We drove to Al Qurum, where the beach is large, clean and beautiful. We had hours of fun playing in the surf and building sand castles!

Here are three of the favorite places we ate in Muscat: Bin Atique, became one of our favorite places to eat. Omani food. My nephew, age 3, would request, "Let's go to the restaurant with a room." Families in most Omani restaurants have a family sections that are divided into rooms. It was actually quite lovely for him and us to have room and privacy. He ate more and had less distractions. You could also watch Omani soap operas on the TV that was in each room (priceless).

Mumtaz Mahal- and Indian Restaurant not far form the beach- was an amazing dining experience. The food was amazing and they had live music. The view from the restaurant terrace is absolutely stunning- over looking Muscat.

Kamat- is a wonderful Indian Vegetarian restaurant that we loved. It was just a few blocks form our hotel in Rumi. Super delicious food.

Muscat was a wonderful visit. Be on the look out for our next posting about our drive to Niswa!

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